Google Nexus 5

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The Nexus 5 has a clean and simplified design that doesn’t seem to over do itself. If you are look for something that is powerful and good for all your daily needs then the Nexus 5 is the way to go. If we compare  the Nexus 5 with the galaxy s5 and iPhone 6 range the Nexus 5 is nun like them, the nexus 5 doesn’t pack as much as these top end contenders do, but for the price its worth and just how powerful it is and the stuff it packs in, the phone makes a stand for itself and shows the other contenders  that it’s not all about the stuff you put in but the stuff you get out of it that matters most to the people that buy the products. You can have me wrong on this one but I truly think that Google has really looked into what people want from a phone not such the look and feel but more  rather the experience people want to take away and say that’s what makes a good phone great.

I feel that Google doesn’t compete against its rivals but against itself and strives to do itself better and making sure that they are  taking the right steps so they don’t go wrong. Besides that, the nexus 5  has a well thought out design with a 5. Inch display, perfect for taking where ever you may go. The phone has a thickness of 8.59 mm runs on a 2.26 GHz processor, fitted with premium Corning gorilla glass 3 for optimum strength, built in Android 4.4 kitkat software, 1.3Mp front facing camera, 8Mp rear facing camera with optimized focusing capabilities and  many other great features and design aspects built in.

If your thinking of buying one, don’t think you are going to have to pay a tone of money because they go for cheaper than they look. There is the choice of either a 16GB for $349 or a 32GB for $399  which isn’t too overly priced for what your getting. If we were to compare the prices their isn’t such a huge difference and seeming the 32GB is only $50 more expense you might as-well spend the money.






I really like it when your buying a phone that you get a choice of color and with the Nexus 5 you get the choice of either a black or white model which makes all the difference. If only I could get my hands on the Nexus 5 I could show you a more in-depth and first hand look at Nexus 5 and give you my first impressions on the user-interface and general functionality of the phone at first hand. The phone really does hit the spot when it comes to affordability and there is a lot that you can get out of it.

With all Google’s products they are built for purpose and for peoples needs and they seem to ever so slightly do something that no other company does and that is  making its products integrated to people’s lifestyles and daily routines, take Google glass for example. If wanting to find out more about what really makes the Nexus 5 the next big thing click on the link blew to be redirected to the Google Nexus 5 site where you will find all the specs and info you need to know about the Nexus 5.