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Apple is back with a reinvented game changer (Iphone 6s plus) and it doesn’t stop there as this may-well be the match before the light. Over the years we have watched as technology has grown incredibly becoming a depend aspect in twinned in the very roots of our society. The society we live in today lets us connect to people and groups in society ,allowing us to reach out in ways we other ways though of as a dream. Getting back to the point, the Iphone 6s plus is bigger and more monstrous than ever with a mere 5.5 inch full HD display and 1920 x 1080 resolution topping the Iphone 6s by 0.8 inch’s. I would be surprised if they ever ventured towards Samsung thinking already seen with the stylus pen on the Ipad pro. The Iphone 6 plus is more than a phone its  the innovation in technology which must be experience to get the full affect. you could say that the Iphone 6s is the same as the Iphone 6s plus and in ways your correct, but the Iphone 6 plus is lighter and packs more punch with a clearer and crisper image.

Whats new is that Apple has built in a 3D touch sensor which allows user to navigate through their phone in a swifter and  more continuous manner with out hold ups. Have you ever had the problem where you click on something a billion times but it doesn’t respond as quickly as you expect? well this is what 3D touch is for, providing users with a more sensitive interface that is faster and quicker to respond to touch making you feel in control. The 3D touch feature also makes multitasking a breeze with its pick and pop features, all thanks to the intuitive technology of the Taptic engine along with 3D touch technology. Pick and pop gives dimension and volume to the IPhone experience taking everything on your IPhone and making for a more lively experience. So stop pressing hard on the screen and smashing you phone because you failed on Flappy birds, because with only a light touch of the finger you take control of your experience.

I myself haven’t personally laid hands on the Iphone 6s plus and do hope to do so in the future. However more it is important to reflect on how far technology has brought us and the endless possibles waiting to be ventured, and downheartedly believe that if you can take a concept an describe the dynamics behind you can built it because just maybe you might change the world for good. (Just don’t let it be a humanized robot). The Iphone 6s plus comes in a 16gb, 64gb and 128gb model dropping the 32gb across all devices. Its starting price is NZ $1,399 a couple hundred more than the Iphone 6s however its worth what your getting and comes in four distinct color schemes, Silver, Gold, Space grey and apples new Rose gold. So theres something for all tastes which makes it a good consumer seller. So there you have it the Iphone 6s plus comes out on top with better performance than ever before.




-That all i have to really say on the subject of Iphones, hope you guys were catched by it and would love to here what your opinion is.-



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