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The far cry franchise is back at it again with yet another soon to be released monster of a game (Farcry Primal). So forget what you know about the late Farcry games, this is a new take on traditional gaming, one that takes you on a journey of first beginnings. At first i thought this was just an extension of the Farcry four game but have since found out that its a totally separate game in itself. I have to say the trailer for this game really sets the scene in terms of time and place.Every corner turned there seems to be an ever potential threat with a lot of intense heart pounding moments. A new set of characters combat skills and way of roaming the vast landscape will change the way you think and conquer the game, its not like you can para glide or take a drive in a vehicle from one vast plain to another. I think this game will offer something different to other games where the story line will be continues much like Skyrim and its multiple DLC’s, it will be a test of patients and prevalence for many. The game itself is set in a time just after Ice Age during the stone age at a time when man and beast went against each other in a race for self dominance.As the glaciers have slowly retreated, left is a land enriched with natural resources and abundance just adequate for the survival of the human race.


Man vs Beast
Tribe vs Tribe
Hunt or be Hunted
Sabretooth Tigers
Dominate your opponent


The producers for Farcry Primal re-imagine the Stone Age in it’s most richest and rawest form, incorporating an amazing story sequence and list of characters.As you progress throughout the game you must learn to craft from what the land and animals provide and build an incentive for survival. many of the main predators and threats you will encounter are mammoths,sabretooth tigers and primitive enemy tribes, so if your not ready to fight you might as will let your self be killed. For this game and for all far cry games there is always a main character and for this game its a man named Takkar a lone survivor of a hunting group. Takkar is a descent and well trained seasoned hunter who if played well can be the difference between you and the wilderness. This is the land of Oras a place teeming with tranquil beauty as the green flush wilderness becomes your playground,however don’t be fooled because there is shore to be something out to kill you. In a place shrouded in mystique and uncertainty choosing adequate allies is your number one priority and being able to use them to protect you in times of need and fight against the many threats lugging around. You will never be prepared for what is out there, so it is up to you to decide how you get around and make the most out of your Farcry experience. I can truly say that i am absolutely ecstatic about this new installment, which is sure to get a good ranking from gammers much like myself.

Farcry is a game of your own desire, a world where you are able to choose what paths you want to follow down and how you want to go about achieving tasks to fit the game to you.As we nearly reach the new year, the future of Farcry franchises is exciting and full of opportunities.It’s a shame that this game isn’t being released for the PS3 and only on next gen consoles, but where talking the future of gaming here now and the graphics on the PS3 are just not like that on the PS4 or Xbox One, so in that sense i see why they ditched the PS3 idea. Ubisoft sets eyes on a release for 23rd February next year a little later than i first anticipated, but hay the world wasn’t build in 7 days. I’ am and recommend you get your hands on this game by pre-ordering online or at your nearest game store, because this game is going to be epic. For more information a trailer for the game is inputted below along with website link and screenshots.


Farcry Primal Official Site