Smart watch comparison

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No doubt watches have been round for a long time, maybe not the Stone Age but the philosophy of time and all that refers to it has. A watches primary role is to allow people to tell the time wherever they may be and have evolved to suite all needs in today’s day and age. With the arrival of new generation of smart watches life couldn’t get any better you would think, but do they live up to expectation and how do they compare to other models in this category.


Huawei Is brand of devices that has only just emerged into the consumer market and is gradually starting to build more of an audience for their products. With the introduction of the Huawei smart watch, they now come up against some rivals companies such as Apple and Samsung in a race to out beat each other theoretically. The Huawei smart watch is truly an elegant accessory piece that comes In multiple simplistic styles to suite each individuals taste. Like any other smart watch in this category the Huawei packs a lot of the same reoccurring features such as GPS, magnet charge, Heart rate sensor and about 300mAh of battery life. However what makes it even more special to both the apple iwatch and Samsung gear 2 range is that the Huawei smart watch is both compatible with Android 4.3+ and IOS 8.2+ platforms.

Its body is made of seamless cold-forged stainless steel combined with high quality Scratch-proof sapphire crystal glass and has detachable straps to mix and match for any occasion. Its classic range of designs sets it apart from other companies with premium materials, software and clean rounded bevel edge and fashionable designs. The Huawei watch is authentic, sleek and stylish and from the outside it is hard to see this for any other ordinary watch out there and not a smart watch. In all its glory the Huawei watch is the best companion for you and both your social and work based occasions. Being powered by Android Wear your experience is keep smooth and effortless making sure you can quickly and easily respond to calls, texts and emails without reaching for your smart phone. New timely notifications notify you on what you need to know and at the appropriate time while google now is ready to assist and guide you on your way and give you the information you need and want to know. This watch is quite possibly one of my favorites without compromise because of its aesthetically pleasing build, luxury textures and sophistication, but really that’s my preference.

Samsung Gear 2/Gear S2

Samsung is brand with infinite possibilities with a reputation for distinction across devices. Samsung now introduces the Samsung Gear S2/2 ahead of its rivals with much improved features and overall user experience. There Is a selection of gear S2/2 watches to pick from some including the Gear S2 Bluetooth or 3g, Gear S2 classic Bluetooth and Samsung gear 2 neo/live and the list continues. The good about this is that each watch has its own unique flare and purpose and you can be sure what your buying is premium quality, and will met you needs. What’s different about the Gear s2 and Gear S2 classic is that they are the only smart watches of their kind to have some kind of water resistance however it’s probably not fully water proof so it’s probably not the best of ideas to go swimming with it. Also I might add that the Samsung Gear 2 is the only smart watch that doesn’t charge via magnets but by a Qi wireless charging dock for the Gear S2 and Gear S2 classic. For the Samsung gear 2 this is done via a charger cradle attached onto the back of the watch then connected by a standard android cable via charger to wall socket.

What sets the Samsung gear 2 apart from the Samsung gear S2 and S2 classic is the price with the higher end models coming around $300 to $350 whilst the lower end $200-$300 but if you ask me I don’t see much difference in price. The Samsung watch is a revolutionary device jam packed with ingenious quintessential features to keep you connected with friends, social media, social events etc. presenting a smooth experience and time utilisation. Like I have said before each brand of device you come across has its similarities but apart from those similarities is a device set apart from the rest unique in way of its interface and compatibilities. With the Samsung gear 2 and S2 you can quick and easily pick up a bite on the go with the built in NFC reader capability so all you have to do is hold your wrist close enough to the NFC reader and bobs you uncle. The downfall of this is that some countries will not acquire Samsung pay compatibility depending on your location.

In negotiation Samsung has kindly partnered with a variety of apps such as Nike, Volkswagen, twitter trends, Alipay, Voxer, Kevo by Unikey, Smart things, line and the list continues to grow. I can’t say that I myself have tested them out, but from a buyers point of view I would feel as though everything I ever needed would be on this watch, like a remote control on life almost. Like the Huawei watch the Samsung gear 2 and S2 incorporates a fitness tracker, GPS (3G only) a barometer and heart rate monitor along with similar or different sensor features and is the only company to have a 2mpx front facing camera on its gear 2 only. All models come with a standard 4gb of storage with 512MB of initial ram all powered by the OS platform Tizen not Android wear like Huawei. In hindsight all that I have come across about Samsung’s watch range is convincing enough to pull me although it is best to do your research first or even go into a store and try it out for then you should know if it’s right for you.

Apple iwatch
I would have to say that the apple iwatch range is the least of my favourites across the spectrum of similar counterparts. Apples Iwatch is no doubt a memorizing piece however for myself they have designed it in a way that there isn’t much variation between model types just the price. Apart from that I would rather like to discuss the positives surrounding this product to give you a better understanding of the products available before you buy. The Apple iwatch comes in 20 models this including the customizable band but initially there is only 3 main models the Apple watch sport made out of an aluminium casing, Apple watch with a stainless steel casing and the Apple watch addition made of 18 carat gold casing. There are two official screen diameters of either 38mm or 42mm with prices varying between models and the quality of the band, and even when looking at the price of the bands starting at $89 then $289 then $489 then $789 you can tell you are being ripped off. I realise apple is big company in all but really who would pay that much for a band when Samsung and Huawei sell them for under $200 each. In other ways apart from the ludicrous pricing, apple has brought together the best of their expertise to comprise this watch, form quick responsive commands with introduction of Taptic technology right down to the free flowing continuity of its design which technically suits the apple brand even though I dislike it.

All the essential apps and software form you iPhone are now on a small compact apple iwatch the only thing that has changed is the experience and how you connect with the open world. Siri is a huge part of apples products just like Google now is a big part of any Android device. Siri now becomes your personal assistant with the introduction voice recognition with a simple “Hey Siri” Siri will be ready to respond to your needs to help you in always possible. Apple unlike other brands Apple seems to make this not just plain old watch with cool and interesting features/apps but a multi platform communication device with more easily and expressive way to connect with family and friends fitted for the Iwatch itself. Many of these communication features include sketch, if you can be bothered writing back you can now draw a simple sketch to get you message across as a more personal alternative while other thing you would usually find on your iPhone such as sending emoji’s, sending voice message and sharing your location make communication more interactive.

The Apple Iwatch is like an IPhone away from home, being compatible with most apple device your iwatch becomes your second iPhone as now whenever you feel like you need to switch over for a while you can pick up where you left off from you iwatch to your iPhone simultaneously. Integration is a second big factor of apples products as they continue to make their products more purposeful and incentive to multiple possibilities. Like on the new iPhone 6s apple introduces force touch for the Apple iwatch which involves an intuitive 3D technology built right under your fingertips. Pressing lightly on content will pop up additional content on familiar apps like messages, music and calendar giving another dimension to your iwatch experience and its seamless intentions.

What sets the apple iwatch apart from the rest is its differentiation in both form and individuality and although it shares some key features found on other device like this you will find that features on the iwatch interlink with each other in a seamless manner. The one thing that is a particular negative about this product is that it is not a timeless piece and does not have that iconic watch look that carries on and because of this after a few years the iwatch will look old and tattered. I reckon apple needs to go back and re-investigate how they market their products and be realistic about pricing and look at how similar brands market their products to attract as many consumer buyers. Now that I have shown you what each product has go for it, I leave you to decide your pick and I hope it’s a wise one.

Huawei watch– $350-$800
Samsung Gear S2/2– $550-$650
Appple iwatch-$950-$1,950