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If you haven’t heard of YouTube Red before don’t worry this stuff I am about to discuss is only really quite recent and that is why I, am here to tell you all about it. So you obviously know YouTube, in this case think of YouTube but imagine it without all the popups and interruptions in videos a subscription site that allows you play and watch your favourite videos offline and connect in more ways possible. As YouTube describes, fans of the site have continually been raving on about a site that allows them better video selection, a way to better acknowledge and support YouTube creators and like music on your smart device watch and listen to videos without interruptions. What is good about this new add-on is the price, for each month of your subscription you are estimated to pay $9.99 which I think is reasonable and cheaper compared to a $12.99 a month for an Apple music subscription, but that is a whole other story yet to talk about. YouTube Red delivers a more personal experience which displays more options and ways to better utilize/optimize your overall experience.

YouTube Red’s official launch was back on the 28th of October 2015 and am surprised that not much advertisement has been put out about it, however that might just be because YouTube is currently only available in the US which doesn’t surprise me as it seems everything you want the US has got. I would suspect that they are only really testing out the service and hopefully later on they will bring YouTube Red to more Countries internationally. Along with the YouTube Red release Google founders have or are about to introduce a new gamming app and YouTube music app which will be compatible or as I put it interlinked with your YouTube Red membership. On that point YouTube Red isn’t just feasible on one device but is linked with your original YouTube account to work on multiple device anytime and anywhere.

As mentioned by the google, people who have a subscription to YouTube Red get unlimited ad free videos the ability to save, watch and listen to your favourite videos offline and the one thing I think everyone hope for but can’t have yet is the power to play content from your YouTube app in the background. YouTube Red is like the new adopted brother of Net flicks, now allowing member-only access to YouTube Red exclusive new content from some of YouTube’s highly acquitted creators. I almost forgot, YouTube Red now becomes your personal theatre place with access to a wide range of free to watch movies only available with a YouTube Red subscription. Some of this free content exclusive to YouTube red includes, scare PewDiePie, Sing it!, Lazer Team, A trip to unicorn island, Flight of the living dead, single by 30 and the list goes on with more to come. Now you can see that YouTube Red is more than you would have expected and growing in popularity and features to deliver to you a glass-A experience.

Mentioned above I briefly mentioned YouTube Music however you’re probably thinking well I can already create music libraries on my smart device and there is already enough services out there to sort my favorite music tastes. But really YouTube Music is unlike others, taking the music you love and taking you on a journey of self- discovery. YouTube Music does the hard work for you and makes it easier than ever to get a hold of and uncover a range of genres that you like best. On top of all this YouTube Red connects with the familiar google play music, so what google has done is whichever service you subscribe to you will atomically get access to the other to present a free flowing user experience between similar counterparts within the same company.

Hopefully by now you have acquired some knowledgeable insight about YouTube Red and all that comes with it. Like I said YouTube red is only really in its beginning stages and hopefully they will make it accessible to more countries so people like me and you can test it out for ourselves. If any other information pops up about this new emerging service I will be sure to keep you informed.

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