Top 10 Film Review

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(1) Unbroken 

Unbroken_posterIts not everyday you come across a true story of success, triumph and courage as much as that of Louie Zamperini’s. This war time film recounts the true happenings of a former Olympic runner who competed in the 1936 Olympics in Berlin and then around the outbreak of WW2 joined the US military. In Louie’s case this was just another en-devour of his life, until his life took a turn for the worse when his plane was shot down over the pacific ocean and was left  stranded on a life raft with one of his mates for 47 days before been taken aboard by the Japanese and sent to an POW Camp. From this point afterwards Louie tries to make the norm of his time in the POW Camp by staying hopeful, however one notoriously known prison commander takes a liking for Louie and rids him out to be no more less than an Olympic athlete but  a defenseless weakling. Louie on the other hand stays strong willed and  wont let into the pain and suffering showing that there is more to himself than meets the eye. There is a clear message from this film which is “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” and also reminds us that strength and will are a combined human mental form that we should’nt overlook in each other. The movie gives us a visually captivating glimpse into one of the most inspiring true war stories out . I definitely recommend this to anyone finds interest in personal accounts  and to whom likes a bit of action and suspense. By far the best film of its year,  a raw insight into conditions of WW2 and the people who endured it and came away unharmed.

(2) Back To The Future II 

MPW-7684If your a sci-Fi, space traveling, inter dimensional fanatic you will be sure to enjoy watching Robert Zemeckis 1985 Back To The Future II sequel. For background information on the first movie, Marty McFly  as (Michael J. Fox) is introduced to a world of time travel by innovative scientist  Dr. Emmett Brown as ( Christopher Lloyd). In recent stages Doc as they call him for short is supposedly shot dead by terrorists who supplied him with plutonium to build a missile, but rather used it for his time machine project. Marty McFly who was there at the time of shooting is left with no choice and takes of in the time machine, with hardly any idea how to operate it nor where he intends to go but rather find himself traveling back to the year 1955. In his explorations Marty unexpectedly runs into one of his parents and accidentally interferes with the time continuum stopping his parents from first meeting . This causes a ripple affect in the events that follow and leads Marty to find a way to reunite his parents before he and his siblings are erased from existence. In Back To The Future II a new journey begins with Doc taking Marty and his girlfriend to the year 2015 in an attempt to keep their son from unintentional falling into the hands of the law, all because of a mob of  trouble  makers. In other means Marty himself discovers that it is best not to use things in the future for personal gain in the past after buying a book on all sporting statistics from 1950-2000. Doc steals the book off Marty lecturing him before throwing it away, unapparent to themselves old Biff overhears about the time machine and book and picks it out of the trash. Biff to no ones attention gets inside the time machine and travels back to 1955 and gives the book to his younger self. Marty unaware of this happening returns after things are supposedly  put right to 1985, to  a world of dismal creation and in a state of ruck. Bewildered he soon finds out about old biff and the book he used to give his young self for greater wealth and power. In a turn of events Marty travels back to 1955  when old biff gave the back to his younger self and attempts to get the book back and eliminate its existence. All the Back to the future movie are timeless in past, present and future, a great action backed series that keeps you believing  and hoping of what is expected for the future to come.

(3) Robin Hood  

robin-hood-499x740This film has a sustaining story line, following (Ridley Scott) as Robin Hood of a man of potential fortune and greatness. Robin Hood a former ally of a noble King killed in battle was put in affect on the kingdom, however the bad news carried as an opportunity for the next in line Prince John as (Oscar Isaac), who reigns over his family and people with such pity and creed. Greedy and unforgiving the new Prince falls recklessly for a devilish man leading to states of corruption and death amongst innocent towns people.  Robin Hood on the other hand heads off on a rogue adventure along with his loyal side arms as they seek to restore stability to the kingdom and put things right and prevent unlawful behavior of certain individuals. On his journey’s he discovers a decent amount out about his father and origins, while shares a mellow relationship with a women named Marian Loxley relative of sir Walter Loxley. Robin Hood as they talk about in myth and legend is said to be able to split an arrow down its center and eliminate a target blind handily which is as seen in this film and other, he was not a man you wanted to under estimate. there is much more in depth information surrounding  the original tales of robin hood and how he came about that films really  don’t delve on so much. However i find that each movie, carries it own unique take of this legendary figure and that each remake is more refined  than the last. Each character has their own quirky personal ties and like ability, which comes through great quality of acting. This movie is suited for most ages and is a story like many that never dies.

(4) Gladiator 

CINE165Who doesn’t like a good old roman arena fight well there is much more to this story than the title suggests its self. If I had to sum up the  movie in 4 words they would be love, vengeance, creed and good fortune. In the movie (Russell Crowe) plays a man named Maximus who was a once a well respected general to the noble late emperor Marcus Aurelius as (Richard Harris) , striped of his role by the son of  the late emperor, Commodus as (Joaquin Phoenix). Further more Maximus ends up as a Gladiator destined  to fight in the arenasand when win freedom. However  in hope of returning to his family, his life is shattered when he returns to find the chard bodies of his wife and son killed by the hand of Commoduses men. Seeking revenge on the new emperor, Maximus returns to the arenas where he moves up in ranks before ending up in the heart of Romes ancient Colosseum gladiator tournament ring ready to uphold the emperor and bring an end to his shame. The cinematic’s are truly spectacular of which is visually captivating and spine tingling. There is no doubting this movies genius, scoring up multiple awards and named the bet movie of its year. You haven’t lived unless you have watched this movie and Russel Crowes acting skills make it all the better.

(5) Harry Potter and the philosophers stone 

Harry_Potter_and_the_Philosopher's_Stone_DVD_CoverThe world of Harry Potter is truly a world of strange happenings , hype and extra ordinary moments. However nun compares to the first Harry Potter film and the book series that began it all. Harry Potter and the philosophers stone is splendid film about a not so ordinary boy with no so ordinary abilities made famous for the scar on the his forehead put there by the one who is’nt named.  Before Harry Potter played as (David Radcliffe) even knew he was a wizard nor what really happened to his parents, he was living a life of lies under the watchful eye of his aunt petunia and menacing Uncle Veron along with his spoilt cousin Dudley at the Durleys on 4th Private drive London . Unaware of his significance in the wizarding world on his 12th birthday Harry receives a letter in the mail. Harry never got letters, and so Uncle Veron knowing of the truth doesn’t let harry read his letter.The Dusleys treated Harry like an animal always lecturing him on this and that and somehow harry couldn’t understand why they hated him so much. Harry on the other did manage to receive and read his letter only because a man named Rubeus Hagrid as ( Robbie Coltrane) arrived to see why he wasn’t getting his letter and gives him the news about being a  wizard . In his letter Harry is told that he has been accepted at Hogwarts school of witch craft and wizardry and is explained the real truth about his wizarding parents. His first years at Hogwarts School couldn’t be anymore than a walk in the park as friendships sprout and lives are put in danger as Harry and his friends discover the many mysteries of the school and of both teachers and students alike. This is a film sure to appeal to any age group and is a particular favorite of mine.

(6) Predestination 

PREDESTINATION_27X40_R3MECH.inddYet I have watched this film it is quite a hard one to elaborate upon with its particularly strange concept. As the main plot suggests ( Ethan Hawke) plays a temporal time-traveler agent by the name of Barkeep of whom is assigned to travel back in time one last time in an effort to prevent an attack on thousands by a sinister master-minded criminal. In his travels he learns the mysteries of himself and  the unchangeable fixed lope of time.Much of the films story line is hard to follow, although near the end everything becomes a lot clearer. It is a film which must be watched to be understood fully for it keeps you guessing and anticipating the unknown. In all context this has to be by far one of my favorite time travel movies  to date and for until you watch it you will not get the concept around it.

(7) Transformers-Age of Extinction   

transformers__age_of_extinction__2014____poster_by_camw1n-d7i1moaA new kind of dawn is upon the autobots as judgement day gloom’s and as a new war begins the autobots must fight once more to protect the people of earth from potential extinction. Nothing beats a good transformers film, with its credited technical’s and flush graphics, each robot is raw and alive in form.  Earth is threatened by an ancient group of menacing predecessors supposedly responsible for the mass extinction of the dinosaurs. If things couldn’t get any worse a new ghost corporation seeks to take down the autobots and eliminate their existence. Unlike the previous films the autobots are led by a new group of humans of whom includes Cade Yeager as (Mark Wahlberg)  and daughter Tessa Yeager as ( Nicola Peltz) and Boyfriend Shane Dyson played as  (Jack Reynor). This movie for me was both a bit tearful and heart-pumping at particular points,this was manly due to the incredible sound systems in the cinemas in which the music gives you a particular sensation or feeling. Every minute is worth watching and there is enough back bad versa good action to kept  you clued to your seat for sure.

(8) Cloud Atlas-Everything is connected  

CloudAtlas_Deutsch_Master.inddCloud atlas looks upon the adaptation of human existence as a spider web  in which the actions people take can have a profound affect on present, past and future events. I can say i haven’t watched this in quite a while now but can  single out this film for its preserved screen cast and originality in addition with its revered range of stars who played roles in this film such as Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Huge Grant and so on. What is learnt from this  movie is that everything is not just a  coincidence but happens for a purpose and that a small change can affect the rift of time and the society that these actions lead on. Unlike other films about it is’nt focused on telling one story but multiple individual stories interlinked by peoples actions and how their lives are shaped leading to new societies.You should definitely watch this film as it combines a variant of screen plays and themes.

(9)  Miracle on 34th Street-1994 

miracle-on-34th-street-remake-movie-posterNothing spells the Christmas spirit without Santa and the joy he brings to all children across the globe. In this 1994 remake, a young 6 year old girl by the name of Susan Walker as ( Mara Wilson) delves on discovering the truth about Santa Claus and his existence. Even though her mother says he’s real Susan cant quite know for sure, not until her mother Dorey Walker as (Elizabeth Perkins) hires a man at her work by the peculiar name of Kris Kringle played by ( Richard Attenborough)  claiming himself to be the real Santa Claus.  After Susan meets the man, his profound charm somehow convinces her that he is the real Santa Clause. On the other hand a younger lawyer, a since outgrown believer of Santa clause tries to prove that this man is no more less than a delusional frail old man, however in Susan’s case she will do anything to prove his existence is real. The Message put across by this film is that we may no believe in all things, but we all believe in something and we can’t put people down for believing in something we don’t believe in ourselves and vise versa. A spectacular seasonal movie for the family that is sure to kept spirits high. You cant go past not watching this film for it will bring out the childhood in all.

(10)  Somewhere in time 

poster-31384This film is one for the Romantic type and will also appeal to those who interest time travel films. What ever you interest I just couldn’t go past not adding it to my top ten films. Somewhere in time is a strange and both mystifying romance screen play and outlines that love is something that can be found at any point in time whether it be the past, present or future. I have to say the movie for me was quite slow paced and wanted thing to get a move one at sections.However I believe this is  a film that keeps you anticipating  while captures the essence of each and every character and their changing attitudes and perspectives. Christopher Reeve plays (Richard Collier) as a young play writer who is one day meet by a older women called Elise Mckenna Played by (Susan French) who on the day of his big showing gives him a stop watch and leaves him with the words ” Come back to me”. Mystified,  a few years pass as Richard still wonders of the true identity of the women, until he manages to trace her identification to a former stage actress from the 1900 who was staying at the Grand Hotel in Mackinac. Curiously enough he talks to a friend who knows a bit about  time travel and may have just unlocked how to do it, leading him to believe the impossible, possible  and confidently  embarking on a journey through time by self-hypnosis in hopes of meeting the women he has so grown to admire and gain a liking for. This is truly a love compelling story of time-less romance that shows  what lengths people will go to to be with the one they admire most.  One to be watched over and other again and keeps reminding us that love is real and will come upon us when the time is right.


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