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Today in the early 21st century you would think that we should have already invented some kind of self-minded robot or maybe inter-dimensional travel but doubt me not new technology shows that they aren’t that far off from being reality. Imagine your phone or other technology device like a new born baby, when you bring it to life (Turn it on) connections start to take place then you add stuff to it, feed it with information, it gets older and suddenly it can almost think for itself (not exactly). This stuff is quite scary to think about  but like most thinks we arent that far off, this concept is quite similar to a movie I watched called transcendence in which a man creates a device where he is able to upload his conscious across a whole spectrum of technology databases, but as always things mostly take a wrong turn . In this sense we seem to all breath off technology like a life support system keeping us alive, everyday and everywhere we go we can never seem to escape the eye of technology. I for one love all things technology, but for two don’t like the ways things could be heading  for the future.I quite frankly find it easy to relate technology to that of humans for yet we are so different we seem to share a part of ourselves with them.

Like humans you get people who are bad and those who are good, its the same with technology but rather we are the ones directly responsible for the trouble they cause. Take bombs for example, special forces use them to take down terrorist groups, however we direct them and often innocent civilians fall victim as  a direct result of our decisions.The reality is technology has been around for a long time even for the earliest days, however as technology has evolved it has only made things worse in particular incidences The future is full of possibilities like a canvas yet  to painted, however we must remember that what ever becomes in the future is sometimes not easily reversible. This meaning that if someone does decide to give technology a conscious of a human we will just have to live with the consequences of our innovation if things do go wrong. For now it is just a thought, maybe we will never be able to give technology a conscious who knows but we need to start taking caution of these kind of things. If technology can’t have a conscience of its own it probably already has  a sub-conscious if you get me, because we direct, we store, we use, we utilize, technology doesn’t think for itself but rather we instruct it with what to do and it does the rest. This topic is one not many would talk about, but I am glad I brought it up, i am not saying that technology is bad at all, it is rather what us humans make of it that puts ourselves at risk.


I hope you guys found this topic interesting and if you have anything you may like to add or about how you feel about this topic feel free to comment below.


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