The Avatar concept

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Imagine for a moment that everything (not everything) for example the earth itself and its natural growth is like a brain with various entwined  connections that can be tapped into.  Initially a mega super computer that holds the secrets to all existence with ability to contain memories and sacred trees with the ability to heal and take the mind and soul of a person and delicate it inside another body. who also couldn’t forget the floating island rocks which move about by the magnetic currents of the planet each unique in shape floating about like icebergs.  As seen in Avatar the Navi people on Pandora have a type of sacred connection with the land and its varies species which is important as of there culture. These concepts are very much realistic in the movie as they would be in real life and even though we don’t have systems like that on earth doesn’t go to show that there isn’t something similar on another planet out in the universe. You maybe thinking how is this got to do with technology, but rather I look at the it as a system of natural  forces at work within the earth with a kind of sub-conscience liveliness.

In the world of science, physics plays a primary role and these things you would usually depict by familiar Sci-Fi films such as star trek and Star wars. The type of intergalactic things we see in movie but remain non-existent in thought until proven of there existent. For as long as movies keep alive these concepts, into today’s society we are only at the stage of broadening our sites to unexplored sections of our galaxy and moving towards long haul  space flight missions. Avatar and other movies alike tell of how society could shape in the future and that it is clear to say we are probably not the only ones in the universe, and yes we will someday be able to travel to distance galaxies and we will find life on other planets with unbeknownst aspects about them. Like they say we have explored more space than we have of our own oceans, for as much as we don’t know about the universe we don’t know about what is below the great depths of our oceans. In this sense I believe there is just as much unusual stuff in space as there is in the ocean , meaning if we explore more of our oceans  it should help us trace similarities on other planets, if that makes since.

In  all, I think there is still much more we don’t understand about the earth itself which should help us better visualize/theorize the possibilities on other planet. Coming back to my point the planet of Pandora is an visually captivating example of what could exist on other planets and the type of conditions and geographic features we could encounter.  The fact is that much of what we see in movies may never actually exist,  but similar things could well exist just not in the same way. On another subject, who ever looks up on clear night ?, scanning the constellations  in hopes of outing something spectacular, I know I do,  but not because I enjoy doing so, but out of curiosity. For as long as we have been the dominate species both men and woman have looked to the skies for answers, conjuring different theories and prediction, assigning there own gods to pray upon,  but not one is right or wrong for we are only a needle in hay stead.

For as Steven hawking said “The universe has no boundaries” and so it is possible for anything and everything to exist whether it be in a parallel universe or other dimension who knows. For everyone whom took the time to read this, you were like many others intrigued and curious, just as much as we are curious  and intrigued about what else it out in the universe yet to be discovered. As much as we get excited about the possibilities and mysteries of outer space, deep down we fear the unknown and the dangers that could await us. Traveling through space is like sailing across the open seas, you don’t know what you’ll come across or what is waiting on the other side but you can only hope it was worth the mile.

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