Is Technology making us less Intelligent?

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The real question we should be asking ourselves is what defines technology use and in what ways does it affect our way of thinking and processing information. In the 21st century mostly everyone carries or owns some form of electronic device wither it be your Smart-Phone, tablet, computer or laptop of which is used to perform daily accommodations and tasks. On that note we have been so immersed in the world of technology that we are quintessentially turning to it more often than not as technology becomes faster paced and freelance, we ease the stress on our daily lives. Look around technology is almost inescapable, everything we would ever need to know and hear about is in clear sight. There is truth to the belief that technology makes even the simplest of things that much easier as commonly performed task are substitute for the likes of electronic devices. Getting onto my point it is not that electronic devices are making us essential less intelligent but rather not challenging the brain enough and not making use of the brains up-most potential. In fact more than 85% of people spend most of their days steering into the screens of electronic devices, we have become so fixated with what’s in front we have almost become media cyborgs.

The key to understanding how technology tempers our intelligence would be to study what goes on when one is exposed to such technology, however there is only so much we already know about the brain and so much more to learn that we don’t already know. When we interpret the intelligence of an individual we talk about ones understanding of greater knowledge and way of interpreting and processing information. It is not such that technology itself is the culprit but rather what we use our devices for which is more of a concern. Look at the internet for example, we use it more than often, anything and everything can be found on it exactly. What we probably don’t realize is that what we watch, read or do on the internet can have either a positive of negative affect on ourselves. We may not notice the affects at first but gradually as one becomes more exposed to such content it can really inflect a person’s well-being and mentality. What is take in from the internet can initially have the ability to rewire the brain in such a way that a person will think and act in different mind-set without knowing. Things such as social media are a big influence in all sense, for most that is online is open to everyone and I mean everyone. On that note, the internet is like a fast food chain, in this sense the idea that what you eat is what you are applies but rather what you view can have direct effects on the brain functions. To say technology combined with the internet is all we need is an understatement, what about the multitude of books out there, will they just be thrown away, No.

I find that searching stuff up and performing task on common devices does not broaden the mind enough, as well as being too much of an easy solution to go by. Other means to boost brain sufficiency would be to experiment, observe, record, sketch, analysis and gather information from handheld books and sources without being cocooned to technology. Now, Your probably thinking I ‘am Ludicrous and I know, these things often take time and effort to carry out however what I ‘am trying to get through is that although technology is an easy fix and all we should be trying to use other means before residing to the easiest solution. In that sense it would definitely give us a better appreciation for information we find on the net and how it came about. As technology has changed, we have changed also, we basically thrive on technology for a wide range of everyday uses and has become more of a necessity than a need. I ‘am afraid that in time generations will soon forget and loss appreciation for even the simplest things, such as how to write with a pen and the importance and significance of book over the years. To answer my question that is “Is technology making us less intelligent”, I would answer yes and no only because as much as technology has its negatives it has open up more opportunities and compiles a variant of educational software to better enhance and enrich ones learning experience, of which we should be grateful.

It has not yet been proven that technology does in some way make us less intelligent however it is more about the fact that technology is more so that of a divergent and manipulator, a mere weapon of our own destruction capable of damaging our reputational status and outlook. Technology is today, tomorrow and the future, and for as long as it develops on it will continue to shape our lives in every way possible. Nun the less we must also be cautious about how much we let it become of our lives and realize that it isn’t just technology to blame for less intelligence ( Intellectualism and mature minded thinking) but rather ourselves and how we choice to utilize technology. For as much as I may be wrong in my opinions, even if it doesn’t lower an individual’s intelligence it sure has other affects which are proven as of fact. I think it is best that we first understand more about the brain itself as it should help provide more truth in my claims moreover. However so I think this is a very intriguing conversational topic that is sure to make people think about their technology use and find the means to research further on this topic.

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