Iphone 7 in full steam

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The iPhone 7, the next big thing for Apple but really it’s no surprise, by all the rumors and speculation it looks as though  the new and improved iPhone 7 is set to hit the consumer shelves in early September of 2016. Apple in their genius wits have made some suppose major changes to the iPhone 7’s design and functionality, the big question is whether these alterations will live up to their reputation and not become a big flop come release in September this year.

-Internal Upgrades

Although much about the new iPhone 7 is just rumors for the moment, it seems as though much of what is being said about it may actually be true. We cannot know for sure what  sort of internal upgrades this new iPhone 7 will behold however we can probably expect it to contain tonnes of new software upgrades from the previous models and enhanced graphics  with a more swift user interface. You can likely expect the Iphone 7 to have A10 apple chip built in as well as the new i0s10 software upgrade.

-What will make the iPhone 7 different from previous models? 

Well not much, if you were to put the iPhone 6 and 6 plus up against the supposive iPhone 7 you probably wouldn’t be able to tell much of a difference, for some reason Apple chooses to stick with one design and carry it on for years to come only making a few tweaks here and there along the way. In a way the Iphone 7  is likely to have the same aluminium body however it has been rumored that Apple could potentially revert back to its original classy glass body concept that was found on generation 4s and below. The only problem though is  that it would be more prone to being damaged if say you dropped it unless you had a strong built case but in all I truly feel that there is very much improbable chance that the new Iphone 7 will  have this finish. It is quite likely that the Iphone 7 will still be available in your choice of space grey,rose gold, gold and/or silver although I wouldn’t be surprised if the Apple decides to introduce a new color palette to choose from as was done with the ipod touch range which would  definitely be a hit. It seems as though the New Iphone 7  and Iphone 7 pro will  have strikingly similar design features to the previous generations which is no surprise if you look back on Apples devices over the years.From my point Apple hasn’t taken any noticeable risks in terms of design of their products and as I have mentioned before the changes are somewhat unnoticeable. It is time that Apple introduces a game changer to raise the bar for other companies like Samsung and Huawei to aspire to recreate.

It is unclear at this moment but we are likely to expect that Apple will bring out an Iphone 7 pro line up following on from the Iphone 6S plus range which it rumored to include a  dual camera lens with enhanced photo taking technology such as an mint 16mb compared to 12mb on the Iphone 6S  for those perfect selfies. Unfortunately for the standard Iphone 7 this is presumed to come with singled lens camera but on the better side you would be likely to expect better image quality  as would be found on the rumored Iphone 7 pro.  For now it is very much early days and we are only just starting to find more about the rumored Iphone 7 and what it has in store for us but we must prepare for the unexpected and  expect great things to come from the Iphone 7 and all that it offers.

The Iphone 7  is expected to be slightly smaller than the Iphone 7 pro like that of the previous models with the Iphone 7 pro  likely to have more built in features than the Iphone 7 theoretically. If your wanting to know what exactly the Iphone 7 will presumably include you don’t have to look far to realize that the Iphone 7 may well include features similar to its main counter part Samsung and their product range. There is no doubt that Apple want to up show their competitors so in order to achieve prestige they need to make the Iphone 7 something to remember a symbol of the future of technology.

There has been multiple rumors that the Iphone 7 and Iphone 7 pro could indeed be waterproof giving people more freedom to what they use the device for and how they use it which would be a step  forward for Apple of which would see them nudging elbows with Samsung moreover. By the looks of it  I’am certain that Apple will bring about some form of wireless charging for the Iphone 7 and Iphone 7 pro which will be integrated into the back of the device with the addition of the standard Apple charging adapter and cord. If so then it is likely that future apple devices like the Ipad range will also include this  compatibility feature that was first introduced by Samsung and has so far been surprisingly one of the more popular choices.

With all the the rumors circulating around their is one thing to this new Iphone 7 that is making a large percentage of people angry and frustrated which is to to do with the decision by Apple to ditch everyone’s beloved headphone jack. It is not definite at this moment but it is shore shaping up to be true for their have been multiple theories surrounding this topic which include the idea that the Iphone 7 and Iphone 7 pro will still include headphones but instead will connect up via the charging port at the bottom of the device and secondly the idea that apple will ditch the headphones all together which totally defeats the purpose of an Iphone. So who knows what Apple  will do, for we can only cross our fingers that the headphones are included as not including them would be a downfall for Apple and potentially put buyers off.

-What will you expect in the box? 

For a long time I have been a fan of Apples simplistic means of packaging its products and so it likely that the packing for the Iphone 7 will no doubt look top notch. That feeling when you lift the lead on the box is truly  something to look to forward to. In the box you most likely won’t be in for any surprise and can probably expect the same old accessories including the power adapter with the lightening USB cord, Headphones supposedly, Apple manual and the all famous Apple stickers.

What are you expected to Pay? 

At this moment we cant be sure of the actual retailer price although  it is likely to be the same price as the Iphone 6 and Iphone 6s upon their release. How I see it is that you not paying for the actual device itself but rather the brand logo which is why the price is so high as in reality the price it cost to make the device would have been substantially lower. Depending on the amount of memory you want this will influence the price noticeably and I presume that you will have the selection of either a 16GB, 32GB and/or 128GB model to choose from. In terms of price range you will probably see yourself paying around $1000-$2000 depending on whether you chose to go with the Iphone 7 or Iphone 7 pro more to speak.