Self-driving vehicles -What are the risk and benefits and how will they revolutionize the transport industry

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Self-Driving cars-what are the risk and benefits and how will they revolutionize the transport industry 


Motor vehicles have been around for longer than you may suspect, over 100 years to be exact and over that time they have ever so gradually evolved both in form and ingenuity, not to mention functionality and performance. One thing that has never changed about vehicles today compared to back in the day is that we have been using them exactly the same way up until when a group of individuals invented the science behind self-driving cars. Unlike ordinary cars these self-driving cars pack a ton of technical components that give the car a mind of its own yet again that is something to discuss in another blog post.

For many years self-driving cars have been a common attribute in futuristic sci-fi flicks and an ambitious endeavor that self-determined men and women have taken on to make the self-driving car a reality through big companies such as google. In the big scheme of things self-driving cars have accumulated a lot of skepticism but with all new things there is always going to be problems and overall people are generally hyped. So the big question is how do self-driving cars compare to other standard cars on the market and what are the risk factors involved with this kind of new Technology.


Would you put your trust in a self-driving car? If you think about it more than 90% of car related accidents are due to human error and according to it is believed that “They will be safer than human drove vehicles”. So where’s the finite evidence you may be wondering, well, it all has to do with the built-in software system that uses multiple placed sensors to detect and maneuver safely around obstruct objects in the path of the vehicle.

To add to this these cars have a specialized GPS unit that helps with navigation and gives the vehicle an awareness of space so not be of danger to pedestrians or cyclist. This doesn’t mean that they are as good as you may suggest otherwise for there have been at least two related incidents where self-driving cars are to blame for causing people to be killed or sustain serious injuries.

With a new innovation, there is always going to be risk involved no matter how good the recipe behind the technology is. The real threat for users of these cars is hackers who could potential take control of your vehicle through the cars autopilot system for the Guardian says that “As car become more hi-tech they become more vulnerable to hackers” and this is true for any piece of technology you may own.

In reality no matter how protected the software may seem there is still the slightest of chances that you could get hacked. The threat of hackers is something that cannot be overlooked for it is important that these types of cars have the highest optimum protection possible to avoid any kind of external attack.

Although self-driving cars could inevitably lower the risk factor on our roads this does not mean that they will lower the risk of having an accident as the technology behind the auto-pilot system will not be 100% perfect and there will always be room for improvement.

The Benefits

There is no doubting that self-driving cars will be the cars of tomorrow and will forever change the way we envision the future of transport, making for a different experience of driving that is unlike anything. Often when we think of self-driving vehicles we relate back to the classic sci-fi flicks which portray different future utopias of which include self-driving cars. So the big question is what makes self-driving cars better than an ordinary motor vehicle? In all its not about what makes a self-driving car better but rather how self-driving cars improve the overall efficiency of the vehicle and drastically make the car safer to be in whilst out on the road. In fact, self-driving cars have been found to be more fuel efficient giving you more mileage without using up too much fuel as well as being more eco-friendly with reductions in Co2 admissions.

With a self-driving car, you are the passenger which gives you more time to relax and do things that would often be considered dangerous whilst driving manually. These things could include taking in the scenery, taking phone calls, getting some work completed, sleeping, busting out some dance moves, playing some kind of game, reading a book and the list goes on. If you are a visual person like myself you may want to watch a YouTube video uploaded by Jukin Media called ‘ Tesla Autopilot Road Trip‘ Which should give you an idea of the many benefits and freedoms of self-driving cars.

I truly believe that self-driving cars will make a positive change to many people life who struggle with some form of disability and are unable to drive themselves. This kind of technology will allow these types of people to have more independence in their lives. Although self-driving cars are still being improved and developed further I can say that it likely that in the next 50 years’ time almost all cars will have this kind of technology which will not only change the transport industry but will improve people lives and may even save lives.

What the future holds

As we look to the future we can truthfully make clear that self-driving cars are and will be the cars of tomorrow. Not only will this type of technology be incorporated into everyday motor-vehicles but it looks as though the technology will be set up for commercial use in trucks that would help drivers who suffer from sleep deprivation due to long hours spent driving and not to mention locomotives.

In all, there are a lot more positive aspects about self-driving vehicles that outweigh the negatives for I believe that this is only just the beginning of something greater. Taxi organizations such as Uber are said to incorporate this new technology into their own vehicles which could see hundreds of taxi drivers losing their jobs as self-driving cars take over. I wouldn’t be surprised if other transport workers were dismissed from their jobs as a result of this new technology for it is likely that they could operate the machines simply from a control centre.

There is no denying that this new technology will forever change the transport industry for the better and lead us into the future. Although there is only a small percentage of these self-driving cars on the road the number of standard cars will likely fall over the next century as more car companies incorporate the new technology into their vehicles. It is key that we look into more eco-friendly means of transport that do good for the planet instead of polluting it with toxic waste fumes.

Just take electric cars, for example, they have been around before self-driving cars and they are not only more eco-friendly but they only do good for the planet instead of polluting it with toxic waste fumes. Just take electric cars, for example, they have been around before the self-driving car and they are not only more eco-friendly but they only run off electricity which isn’t harmful to the ozone layer.

At some point in time, every ounce of gasoline will have been sucked out of the planet which would lead to a worldwide crisis no doubt. I believe that there is clear message surrounding these types of issues which is the reality that nothing last forever and the fact that we are constantly having to think of new ways of doing things in order to move forward and that is exactly the reason for self-driving technology.
What is the price a self-driving vehicle?

So you’re probably wondering how much can I expect to pay for a self-driving and where can I get my hands on one. Unfortunately, on a few countries such as the United states and a couple Europe countries have them available but if you live in New Zealand like me you’re better off getting an electric car because you’re going to have a hard time finding a self-driving car unless you migrate overseas for those who are really desperate. Currently, only car brands by the likes of tesla, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Honda and others have self-driving vehicles on the market or are currently in testing.

You can be expected to pay anywhere between $20,000-$100,000 for a car with built in self-automotive technology with some of the more fancy car brands with the same technology selling for a lot more. For now self-driving cars are in their early stages and there is a lot more trials to run before the technology is considered one hundred percent safe and reliable. Technically self-driving cars as of now cannot actually drive all by themselves continuously and still requires some human assistance to get between different locations. However more the idea of having fully automated vehicles that can safely travel between different places on its own is not far off.

Questions and feedback

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