Far Cry 4

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If you thought Far Cry 3 was amazing, you will be even more blown away by the diverse world of Far Cry 4 and all it has to offer. Far Cry 4 has a totally new story line staring new characters and a new open world design . The game is set in a place called  Kyrat in the heart of the Himalayas,  a places so bound  by tradition and its unseemly acts of violence and havoc. As you explore the lush and pristine landscapes of Kyrat you play as a man of great defiance and courage,and it is up to you to choice what path you follow and how you want to experience the open a diverse world of Kyrat.





In this game you play as a man called Ajay Ghale who has gone back to his birth place to scatter his mothers ashes but unexpectedly finds himself being caught up in the violence and ongoing  diplomatic war against a self-ruling king named Pagan Min. You find out about your families rebellion against Pagan Min and their struggles to overthrow Pagan Mins army. Ajay Ghale seeks to fight along side the rebellion and take down Pagan Min, following in his parents footsteps and finishing  what they started. I don’t want to go into to much depth about the game but if you want to find out more i have put a link down the bottom. So far I am really looking forward to the release of Far Cry 4 and playing it for myself.