Is Technology making us less Intelligent?

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The real question we should be asking ourselves is what defines technology use and in what ways does it affect our way of thinking and processing information. In the 21st century mostly everyone carries or owns some form of electronic device wither it be your Smart-Phone, tablet, computer or laptop of which is used to perform daily accommodations and tasks. … Read More


The Avatar concept

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Imagine for a moment that everything (not everything) for example the earth itself and its natural growth is like a brain with various entwined  connections that can be tapped into.  Initially a mega super computer that holds the secrets to all existence with ability to contain memories and sacred trees with the ability to heal and take the mind and … Read More


Smart watch comparison

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INTRODUCTION No doubt watches have been round for a long time, maybe not the Stone Age but the philosophy of time and all that refers to it has. A watches primary role is to allow people to tell the time wherever they may be and have evolved to suite all needs in today’s day and age. With the arrival of … Read More


Is it just a friendly game of tag?

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Technology has evolved so quickly of its years some more than others which have seen company concepts evolve from drab to genius.But now i’am getting the feeling that the formality of these devices seem to look strikingly similar. I myself and probably many of whom reading this would understand that devices these day are mostly the same old except for … Read More